Man Up Men's Ministry

Man Up Men's Ministry is based on and around Jesus, who Himself was the ultimate Man's Man. 

We go after Him with a reckless abandoned approach. This is where dads teach their sons to be men of God and where men of God learn from one another and love people like Jesus did. 

The desire of Bethel Assembly's Men's Ministry is to be the leaders God wants us to be in our families, 

church, and communities. 

We would love for men everywhere to join us join us on this journey that God has set before us and truly

go after Jesus as brothers in Christ.

Men's bible Study

Most men know specific Bible stories, but do they know the overarching story of the Bible?

While the Bible is a collection of 66 books, the reigning theme that still holds eternal implications for our lives today is God's powerful story of redemption.

Join us and explore the story of a God who loves us, longs to be known by us, and ultimately invites us into His story. Though there are many heroes in the Old and New Testaments, you'll discover the one true Hero of our faith: Jesus.

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Join us for Men's Conference

This year the men from Bethel Assembly will load the bus and head to the Stronger Men's Conference in Springfield, MO. This is an amazing two days for the men from Bethel to not only attend the conference together but to also get to know one another better.

The conference exist to empower and motivate men to live out God's view of manhood and be the best husbands, fathers and leaders God has called them to be.  You will not want to miss the 2018 conference featuring world-class communicators, high-energy worship and awesome entertainment. 

This years speakers include: Craig Groeschel, John Gray, Louie Giglio, and John Lindell.   Click here to visit the conference website and learn more about what you can expect this year.  

Only a few tickets remain so contact for more information on Bethel Assembly's trip.