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Join us as we come together to connect and get to know one another.

It doesn't matter if you are a family of 1 or a family of 20, 1 day old to 120 years old!  

These family friendly events are a great time to gather together with church family and get to know one another!  

While you are at it invite a friend to join you!

  • art of parenting

    Parenting is an exciting adventure, full of twists and turns.  But sometimes it feels like you don’t know where you’re headed, or you’re just making it up as you go along.  How can you get where you want to be without having a plan in place?


    The Art of Parenting focuses your attention on four crucial elements in your children’s lives:

    1. Relationships: fostering Godly connections with others.

    2. Character: learning to

    live wisely and honorably.

    3. Identity: understanding

    who they are in Christ.

    4. Mission: understanding

    why they are here.


    When you apply Biblical truth to these four areas, you can feel confident your children will have a foundation they can build upon for the rest of their lives.


  • Church Movie Night

    When conflict, rebellion, and resentment overwhelm their family, Charlie and Alice are forced to rethink their parenting strategy. In the process, they realize how critical intentionality and focus are when shaping and molding young lives. FamilyLife’s first feature film explores the challenges and joys that come with raising children. Through a journey that unfolds over 50 years, Charlie and Alice discover the unmistakable power of family.Together, they learn that knowing and living by God’s Word is what brings transformation and hope to any family.

    LIKE ARROWS casts a powerful vision for parents, reminding us that nothing is more important for any family than to have God and His Word directing our lives.